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Here are some before and after pictures of the services that A&A Concrete can provide. If you have any questions or would like a quote please feel free to Contact Us.




We have great experience fixing concrete stairs. Depending on the material that the stairs we originally created with we can create a vast array of different Finishes. Some include Stone Aggriate FInishes, Trowel Finishes, Broom Finishes, Grooved finishes, Rubbed Finishes, Floor Sealing along with others. 



Our Craftsmanship spans over 30 years of experince with Floor Resurfacing and Replacement. We are able to place and finish commercial and residential flooring up to 20,000 Sq Ft per day.






Saftey is our main concern with walkways becasue of the high amount of traffic they recieve. Walkways can become a hazard for commercial and resdential buildings when chipping, cracking, deflection and spauling happen. We have the knowledge to fix these problems and always leave the customer safe and happy.

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